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We had the exciting opportunity to speak with the Co-Founders of The Colored Girl. In our interview, we dove deep into who they are, what they do, and where they plan to go. We couldn't be more excited to support and promote such an note worthy movement! Happy reading!


Q: What is The Colored Girl movement?

The Colored Girl or TCG is a love and empowerment movement, expressed creatively, by women, for women. We create beauty and fashion media campaigns featuring women of color to help create awareness of social and cultural issues; to unite, uplift, motivate and inspire women (of color) and also to celebrate US as well. We are a humanistic love brand with a philanthropic thread that aims to inject more love into the hearts and knowledge in to the minds of all we touch.

Q: How did your own personal experiences as a woman of color motivate the birth of TCG?

The inception came about from a conversation we had during a blizzard earlier this year, when we were snowed in together. We wanted to fully express ourselves, spark change, incite conversation and bring awareness to the beauty myths plaguing women of color and also to celebrate our beauty, power and magic. But we wanted to do this is a creative and disruptive way and so The Colored Girl was born! Just being women of color in this country, in this world and not ever really being treated and celebrated as much as others (among other things) has motivated us to be an advocate of other women (of color).

Q: Why do you feel like now is the time to introduce TCG to the world?

It’s an exciting time to be a woman of color! In the current political, social and cultural times that we live in that riddled with so much doubt, negativity, divisiveness, lack, doubt and fear… what better time to start a LOVE movement? Especially for those who are normally the most impacted by those things? What better time than NOW?!

Q: How do you expect that TCG movement will help combat issues like Colorism?

It already has! We are busting the myth or notion that any one complexion or skin tone is better than the next simply by celebrating the beauty in the diversity of US. These stunning visuals are simply a metaphor for how life really should be: filled with unity, love, beauty, celebration and acceptance for self and one another no matter what shape, size, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, religion, etc. We get messages thanking us all the time for our work and not only from women of color, but men and others as well!

Q: We understand that you hand-picked each model for your campaigns. What do these women represent and how do they help convey the mission of your movement?

YES! We absolutely did (do)! Each woman is an authentic and unique individual living her truth and unafraid to share it with others. They represent the dream of total sisterhood, love, solidarity and unity amongst women of color and women in general! We decide on these women not solely based on looks, but also vibe! Who is she, what is she into, what is she doing, how does she live her life and is she a positive person? We look into all of this before deciding and we feel its necessary. If we are going to showcase an ideal, we try to get as close to that as possible by finding and working with amazing women who walk the walk! This helps to amplify the vision in our heads and the mission in our hearts.

Q: What can we expect to see next from TCG? How do you plan on growing and evolving your cause and following?

We have so many amazing projects in the works! Original concepts of our own as well as some really great collaborations with other creatives. We can’t really say exactly what, since that’s confidential, but let’s just say you’ll see more stunning visuals, more campaigns, more stories, events and even practical, grassroots measures from us to keep expanding our brand, mission and movement.

Q: How did your management of Khoudia Diop start? How does her modeling career fit into your ultimate goal/vision for your movement?

We scouted Khoudia via Instagram (We actually met on Instagram as well and have been besties since we met), and she agreed to work with us because she had seen our original campaign. When we found her she only had about 100 followers, and since working with us has amassed well over 350K! All in the span of 2.5 months due to our strategic positioning of her as the “New Face of Beauty”. She’s stunning and unique. And when we found her on IG we knew this and knew that she would be sought after. She’s very sweet and aspires to inspire and spread love just like we do, so the relationship is synergistic and works very well. She is also authentic and just herself at all times and that’s what really resonate with others. Plus her personal story is amazing… it’s a Cindrella tale of sorts. But the #blackgirlmagic version! She’s since become the TCG brand ambassador and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Q: What is your ultimate goal for TCG?

We would like to see women of color all over the world empowered, celebrated and uplifted. Create opportunities for them to do and be all of these things and more. For them to know they can be themselves, that they are worthy and that they too can thrive and carry out their hearts’ desires. That’s the ultimate goal.

Q: How can Nudest customers support TCG?

Any support we receive is welcomed! Positive energy, following us online, sharing our work, engaging with us on social media, referrals, supporting our cause… should people decide to donate their time, energy, resources, or even donate monetarily, to help TCG in our endeavors, we greatly appreciate that as well!! We are a two women operation who do almost everything ourselves… two colored girls working to curate change, and beautifully disrupt the status quo, one campaign at a time!

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