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Maura McGivern, Nudest’s Social Media and Marketing intern, talks about what it’s like to work at a fashion-tech startup. From learning to code to telecommuting from another country, here’s her experience!


Q: Where are you from and what is your educational background?

I am from Topeka, Kansas. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree from The University of Tulsa where I played Division 1 volleyball for two years. Currently, I am preparing to start my Masters in International Marketing at London South Bank University which starts in January!



Q: How did you get involved with Nudest and why?

I connected with Nudest Co-founder, Atima, via LinkedIn. One of our mutual family friends told me about Atima and how she was developing a fashion-tech start up. I have always been attracted to the fashion and beauty industry and when I met with Atima I knew this would be an exciting experience. By being an intern at Nudest, I've been able to learn so much about the fashion and tech industry while also knowing my work is contributing to a greater purpose. 



Q: You have been working with Nudest from a distance – sometimes even from another country! How have you managed that? Is it hard?

Surprisingly, it really hasn't been hard at all! The internet makes it possible to work and contribute from anywhere. In order to be successful from a distance I've really tried to stay organized and keep in communication with Atima or Nancy daily. Both ladies are so flexible with me and made it possible for me to work with them from Topeka and London.



Q: What are some of your favorite things you’ve learned while working at Nudest?

My favorite thing I learned from Nudest is that I want to keep learning! By working with Atima and Nancy I was exposed to so many interesting and exciting sides of business and tech that I am eager to continuing exploring. My experience at Nudest helped me decide to go back to school to expand my marketing knowledge and grow a career in that field. I wouldn't have taken that leap had it not been for the confidence I grew while working for Nudest. 

Being a Nudest intern, I was exposed to the tech-world which I have little prior knowledge of. Because of my experience at Nudest, I am taking it upon myself to try and learn how to code (wish me luck!).  I would have never attempted to learn this had it not been for my work with Atima and Nancy and seeing how valuable that skill is. 



Q: How would you characterize your intern experience overall?

This internship experience has been such an amazing learning opportunity for me. I was given a great amount of freedom as an intern which allowed me to develop my creativity as well as my confidence. Atima and Nancy have been great about providing me with unique learning opportunities and including me in the process. Both ladies have made me feel like my work makes a direct impact on the company which is unique for an intern. 



Q: What advice do you have for anyone considering interning at a startup?

My advice for anyone considering interning at a startup is to be flexible. Startups are all about change and those working at one must be prepared for that. Your role and your task will change as the business changes but it is nothing to be afraid of. Startups offer a unique learning environment that I have absolutely loved!


Thanks, Maura! We’ve loved having you on board at Nudest.

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