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Open for Business with Nude Basics for Every Skin Tone

New Name

We launched Mia Pielle to a closed audience 3 months ago in order to redefine the color 'nude' in fashion to match the full range of diversity in women's skin. Our mission is the same, but our new name better reflects the unique variety of hues we offer and our expertise in matching items to skin tone. Nudest also comes with a refreshed look and faster shopping experience we hope you'll enjoy.

New Technology

You told us you loved how Mia Pielle made it easy to shop by skin tone. Nudest takes our algorithms to the next level by giving you the option to upload a photo of yourself. Using photo analytics, we carefully curate a personalized selection of items that complement your complexion.

New Brands

We've spent the past 3 months searching the globe for the Nudest fashionable intimates that meet our quality standards and complement all skin tones. From Switzerland, to England, to the United States, you'll find brands from around the world that we are truly proud to offer.

Get 10% Off

Since you survived the waitlist, get 10% OFF your first order with code: MYNUDEST

Thank you,

~Team Nudest

About the Author

Atima is a proud Black feminist. Thinker and tinkerer. Best friends with Nancy Madrid, as well as the CEO & Co-Founder of Nudest.


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