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Beautiful. It’s a word we’ve all struggled with. Whether it’s our hair, our skin, our body, or even our age, some days it’s hard to get up, look at ourselves in the mirror and say “I am beautiful.” When you think about it, media plays a large part in what is beautiful and more often than not most of us don’t fit that example of ideal beauty. But how many times have we really stepped back and stopped to think about how other countries see beauty and what other cultures perceive as beautiful?

Now that’s possible.

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc took it upon herself to reach across countries and cultures to interpret what is considered beautiful around the world.

A constant work in progress, she has spent quite a few years now traveling all over the world to give us The Atlas of Beauty. Noroc works to show the diversity in our world, giving us a glimpse of beauty from all over. Noroc believes, "People are all beautiful because they are different."


All of her pictures are splendid, but one that draws my attention most is the one above of a Syrian refugee named Malak photographed in a camp in Greece.  Noroc has additional photos of other women in Syrian refugee camps which are absolutely captivating, heart breaking, and beautiful.

The Atlas of Beauty has been featured all over the world for its celebration of diversity, and Noroc has been interviewed by Oprah and several other media outlets. Check out this BuzzFeed video that features her awesome work:

Many of Noroc's trips have been made possible because of donations from supporters of her project. Her page allows you to follow her journey and to donate for future trips.

Our mission at Nudest is to help you find your perfect nude, to feel comfortable in your skin, and like Noroc, to show the diversity of beauty -- that beauty is not one size or one color fits all. Tell someone they're beautiful today. And always remember that you are beautiful, too.

Be your truest you,

Vanessa Nunez,

Nudest Summer Intern

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Atima is a proud Black feminist. Thinker and tinkerer. Best friends with Nancy Madrid, as well as the CEO & Co-Founder of Nudest.


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