• Nudest on the Runway

    0 comments / Posted by Maura McGivern

    It was exciting to see more diversity on the runways at this Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week shows this year. The fashion industry is beginning to embrace women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and skin tones. Plus-size models are now walking the runways as the new beauty standard along with models that represent countries from all over the world...

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  • People area all beautiful because they are different

    0 comments / Posted by Atima Lui

    Beautiful. It’s a word we’ve all struggled with. Whether it’s our hair, our skin, our body, or even our age, some days it’s hard to get up, look at ourselves in the mirror and say “I am beautiful.” When you think about it, media plays a large part in what is beautiful and more often than not most of us don’t fit that example of ideal beauty. But how many times have we really stepped back and stopped to think about how other countries see beauty and what other cultures perceive as beautiful?

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