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I'm so excited to share that the motivation behind the launch of Nudest has been shared on Forbes as part of their Brilliant AF Series! Created by VProud, Brilliant AF highlights the startup stories of women and the companies they're building! 

The story of how we decided to create Nudest goes a little something like this: Nancy and I were sitting in her apartment at grad school, drinking wine, and discussing our mutual desire as two women of color to change beauty standards around the world to be more inclusive and diverse. We discussed beauty products, the entertainment industry, and more! But when we started chatting about "the nude problem" in fashion, we felt we were on to something big. 

The fashion industry has defined "nude" as a few shades of beige that don't match 84% of the global population. It's pretty much nuts, and we find this extremely frustrating! As two women of color representing diverse communities, we are very passionate about acknowledging and including all women. And thus, Nudest was born!

You can check out Nancy and me telling our story below.

Stay tuned for more videos covering Nudest as part of the series!


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Atima is a proud Black feminist. Thinker and tinkerer. Best friends with Nancy Madrid, as well as the CEO & Co-Founder of Nudest.


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