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One of the best things about taking the plunge to start Nudest has been moving back to New York and discovering a whole new side to the city. Prior to graduating from business school with Atima in Boston, I lived in NYC for 5 years and worked in the banking industry. The hustle and bustle of Wall Street was its own wonderful adventure, but it was definitely a traditional professional experience -- think wearing suits and sitting at a desk daily.

The #StartupLife Atima and I lead now definitely has its difficult parts, but one of the highlights has been immersing ourselves in the entrepreneurship community in the city. We've enjoyed reconnecting with the Project Entrepreneur community, discovering a supportive network of female entrepreneurs at Springboard Enterprises, and meeting the leadership team at the New York Fashion Tech Lab.

These organizations have been incredibly supportive of us as first-time leaders of a startup, and have introduced us to other fantastic women. One such boss woman is Amanda Curtis of Nineteenth Amendment - a successful fashion technology startup that makes it easy for emerging designers to get their creations into the hands of consumers.

The company is a platform-based technology. They've made direct partnerships with garment manufacturers around the United States that have agreed to make small batches of fashion items. This entices new designers to sign up for Nineteenth Amendment in order to have access to the community of small-batch manufacturers. 

The company then makes it possible for designers to produce samples, post them for pre-sale direct to consumers at Nineteenth Amendment, then make a full run with the manufacturers that fulfills the correct amount of orders.

Nineteenth Amendment is totally genius, because the designer does not over-produce, under-produce, or invest in designs that are not first liked by a consumer. The platform also drives business for North American manufacturers. 

Amanda has extended the community of designers, manufacturers, and consumers she's built on Nineteenth Amendment online to the offline space as well. Last week, we attended their event "Nineteenth Amendment People" at Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue. Designers brought their latest creations for guests to view while sipping wine and eating h'orderves. Soothing pop and electronic music pulsed in the background while models representing each designer floated between the guests in their gorgeous designs.

The evening was fantastic, and stood in stark contrast to what my professional life used to be like working at a bank. Atima and I loved the creative atmosphere, and enjoyed seeing what the other attendees wore to the event. The two of us laughed a little at how similar our own outfits were to one another - a dress, black jacket, and black boots. We promise we planned what to wear independently! :)

We're looking forward to attending more fashion events in the city soon -- who knows, maybe the next one will be an event of our own!

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Nancy loves beauty and art. She is Mexican American and best friends with Atima Lui. She is Chief Merchant and & Co-Founder of Nudest.


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